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Sprinkl Conserve Smart Sensor


Conserve by Sprinkl is a smart sensor that works with all sprinkler systems by adding smartphone control to the existing device while reducing the water bill by up to 30%.

Once it is up and running, you will immediately add the following functions to your sprinkler system, regardless of age, make, or model:

  • Turn off the sprinklers from your phone anywhere in the world
  • Save money and water based on hyper-local weather conditions
    • Disables system based on current, forecast, and past rainfall
    • Uses up to seven days of historic accumulation
    • Freeze alert turns off system when the temperature drops
    • All settings are fully customizable
  • Set or change watering days on your smartphone
  • Optional setting to restrict watering based on local regulations
  • Push notifications let you know when it’s watering or restricted
  • Works with any number of zones – no restrictions
  • Words with Alexa (additional systems on the way)
  • Saves up to 30% by restricting water when you don’t need it

Delivering more reliability and functionality than a traditional rain sensor at less than half the cost and effort of replacing your existing controller.  Take control of your system and save more by installing the Conserve device today, and it will pay for itself within six months (based on average savings).

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